[spoilers] Finished the game and I have a few questions

I finished endings ABCDE and kept my save so I could 100% before deleting it. There are a few things that are still unclear to me.

  • I know 2B/E is supposed to keep killing 9S, but why? If they work together, wouldn't she gain just as much knowledge as he does? The two sequences shown in the game seem to be for external factors. In the prologue she does it to blow up the ennemies, in A and B because 9S got infected. Both of these don't seem "planned".

  • Also if 2B/E's purpose is to keep killing 9S, what is 9S's purpose for YoRHa? Why is it beneficial for YoRHa to have a unit like 9S that they require to kill? I get that he collects data but it doesn't seem like YoRHa even requires data in the first place considering the plot.

  • Someone in this sub mentionned in another thread how the sequence of the suicide of the kids from Pascal's village was a social commentary for Yoko Taro, though I'm not sure I get what event or debate if would refer to as it seems to be a very extreme situation. Am I missing something? I assumed it was about the kids' suicide and not the choice we are given with Pascal, as I would understand how that one is social commentary about euthanasia?

Many thanks in advance for any answer to these.

God, this game was amazing. As a fan of the first NieR, I had been waiting for this one ever since it was announced and it was everything I hoped it would be and way more. Only note I have: I wish Amnesia was somehow required before Ending C, D and E. I'm really glad I did this side-quest because the foreshadowing made the impact of the 2E reveal so so much stronger for me.

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