(Spoilers) Character selection + Costumes?

I just kinda want to put a thought out there that I've had since completing the game: would anyone else have enjoyed an unlocked character selection option? I know it would make very little sense from a narrative perspective, but how cool would it have been to play as 2B during the B or C/D routes (with hacking being mapped to a different button or something), or playing as A2 during the A/B routes with 2B as a combat partner and just having the characters switch out for the originals during cutscenes. I would've loved it as maybe a bonus reward for sacrificing your save data on ending E (since, you know, they're reconstructed by the pods and are pretty much free to do what they want).

Also, does anyone else find it slightly weird that, for a Platinum game, there's a distinct lack of alternate/joke costumes? I mean, there's the battle suit, accessories, and of course the self-destruct, but it would've been great to have a few extras, like a Nier Replicant costume for 9S, or a Kaine costume for A2 or maybe a Yonah dress for 2B. They could've even gotten a bit creative and made a Commander alternate skin, or a 21O/6O skin. Even a milkshake costume like that great Arby's Tweet would've been sweet (ha).

Idk why I'm really posting this, just trying to regulate my emotional well-being enough to get through my next playthrough without having a mental breakdown at 2B's death, or the entirety of ending D.

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