[Spoilers] A chip set that expands on NieR Automata’s self-destruct feature

As you may know already, holding in L3 and R3 together for 2 seconds in NieR Automata will cause you to self-destruct. While this annihilates smaller mobs easily, this is risky against tougher enemies, as you're completely open to counterattack during the activation sequence and after, when you're recovering.

Let's get to the point. These chips will have you self-destructing against nearly any enemy for a low amount of risk. All of this was tested on hard difficulty with the maximum amount of slots unlocked, so it should work for everything but very hard, where you'll probably die during the recovery sequence anyway.

Overclock: Recommended +4. After dodging an attack, time will be extremely slow for 3 seconds, which means it'll be very hard to get hit during the activation period. You can buy overclock chips in the secret area of the Forest, just before the canyon.

Max HP Up: Recommended as high as you can go. Self-explanatory, I hope.

Deadly Heal: Recommended +1 or higher. When you kill an enemy you'll regenerate some HP, which will help you survive when you're recovering if you kill a large group of enemies.

Auto Heal and/or Offensive Heal: Recommended +4 or higher. If didn't manage to kill that much somehow, you'll have some health to work with while recovering. This might help you tank one or two hits in hard mode which makes all the difference, especially when paired with…

Anti Chain Damage: Recommended +3 or higher. This is another that'll help reduce damage when recovering from a self-destruct.

Optional chips:
Melee and Ranged defense chips are great for survivability. Damage Absorb could potentially be a lifesaver, but you'd be relying on RNG. Resilience can help if you don't have access to an Overclock chip.

Let me know your thoughts and any criticism, please. Blowing yourself up in this game is extremely fun and I recommend you give this setup a try. If you happen to not like it, all of these chips are extremely useful anyways, so it won't be a waste.

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