[SPOILER] You gotta wonder…

What happened to the remaining human forces and population after zero dawn went live.

After the conversation between the general and sobek about a base being over run and zero dawn needing to be deployed now, we hear nothing more about the conclusion of Operation: Enduring Victory.

All we are told is that a military base had been over run and that's it, but what happened after that until total extinction?

Was there absolutely no more soldiers to defend?

Was the chain of command and communications fractured to the point where the machines could pick the remaining forces off till there was nothing left fighting?

After zero dawn went live, did the US gov then evacuate all remaining civilians and military units to one centralized location and have some sort of Epic "Humanity's Final Stand"?

Further more, what about the remaining civilian population? Were they all indoctrinated into the armed forces?

Did the government gather them all into one location and hand out cianide pills and tell them "we've done all we can, there's no other alternative"?(very dark)

I hope they do explore a bit in future expansions and installments on the very Final moments of the old world. What do you guys think?

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