[Spoiler] Terror of the Sun. How the heck do I kill this behemoth?

I'm past the part where I needed to grab my weapons. I can't stay alive for more than about two minutes once I start actually fighting the damn thing.

No time to place traps or grab flowers – in fact, I used a lot of heath flowers just fighting the eighty billion Carja in the Zero Dawn facility. I've got potions, though, but health isn't what I'm worried about since I barely have time to pop a potion anyway.

First, I started spamming him with fire arrows. Didn't do much at all. Next, I tried ice arrows. Didn't slow him down a bit. Everything I have is either blue or purple. Tried using the rope caster – this worked long enough for me to use tearblast arrows to get rid of everything on him that I could, but after that, nothing I throw at him seems to do much damage and I get either run down or killed off by the dirt clods he throws. Can't hit the damn thing on his chest, can't dodge his trample attack…it's easily the one fight in the game that feels completely unfair.

This is the only type of fight in the game I suck at – the ones where you're trapped in a room with something big that spams huge damaging attacks and you have no cover, no time to do anything but guess, and no way to prepare an attack because said big thing covers distance in a nanosecond.

So, any helpful tips, secrets, etc for beating this? I'm leve 25, if it helps. Do I need to just reload an old save and gain some more skills before attempting the endgame?

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