[spoiler] 2B’s past

Finished with endings A-E now, so i can finally start reading spoiler threads here 🙂

When i first watched ending E, my initial impression was that all three heroes are stuck in effective purgatory. After getting rebuild by pods and restored from backup, whole history repeats itself, more or less the same way. This fit nicely into 2B's crys about how "it always ends like this". Reading tvtropes and discussions here, however, I've learned that this ending has been declared a "happy end" by Yoko Taro, and our androids get their lives back to live them the way they want. I just wanted to ask – if this is the case, and a number of 9S kills took place some time in the past, what evidence do we have to support this? Any record of 9S killings over and over again in the past? The best evidence i can remember from the game was a piece of recording we can hear during A2's self hack, where the Commander gives orders to 2E, including telling her to identify as 2B. Is there anything else, perhaps outside of the game? I saw a mention of a short story (Memory Cage?) – is there anything supporting the kill streak in there?

Oh, and BTW – ending D felt really similar to end of Hiroki Endo's Eden. Similar exodus of group consciousness.

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