SPL S4 Spring Masters LAN Bracket Challenge

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the second SPL S4 Bracket Challenge. This time, it's for the Spring Master LAN. Like the previous Bracket Challenge, this is 100% free, and requires no registration or anything. For the first challenge, we had 17 participants, with /u/NotVirgil taking first, /u/CrimsonArrow17 taking second, and /u/DroganSmite placing third. This time around, I hope we have even more participants – the more we have, the more fun it is for everyone.


Winners will be based on the total number of points of the correct picks. The top four contestants with the most overall points will receive the following rewards:

  1. 3500 gems
  2. 2500 gems
  3. 1500 gems
  4. Pro League Bellona Skin Code (only 1 available)

If someone manages to get every single pick right, they will instead get 8000 gems.

If multiple people tie, the places will be filled from top to bottom and everyone that ties gets the rewards (If five people tie for first they all receive the first place prize, but none are awarded for second and third, etc.) The exception is 4th place, as I only have one skin code. If there are multiple winners for 4th place, I will instead hand out 800 gems to the winners and roll the skin forward The spirit of this encourages actual competition and not collusion. Let's keep it fun.

Winners will need to send me their in-game names, but you do not need to do so until the Masters LAN has been completed. For console players, we can either figure out a solution, or you can receive a gift card for the amount.

Point Scoring:

You pick the overall set winner, overall set score (2-1, 2-0 in favor of your winner, etc), and the team that scores the most first bloods, most first gold fury kills, and most first fire giant kills. You can choose "split" as an option for any of the "most" categories.

All correct guesses are worth 1 for the first round, 2 for the quarter finals, 4 for the semi finals, and 8 for the finals.

I changed up the scoring from last time due to the different set lengths and to make it a bit easier to make selections. We'll see how this one goes and evaluate for the rest of the year based on what I have seen so far.


Send me your picks for the Spring Masters LAN via message of via email to WinklePinkleSmite@gmail.com. If you send a message, line breaks to make it easier to read are appreciated! An example of an easy to read format is:

NRG Esports (8) vs. LG Direwolves (9) (Bo3): NRG Esports

Score: 2-0

Most Total First Bloods: Split

Most Total First Gold Furies: NRG

Most Total First Fire Giants: NRG

Bo# designates what the series is a Best of – either Bo3 or Bo5 in this tournament.

The numbers in the brackets represent the seeding as per the official website.

Entries are due by 12:00 GMT on Thursday, April 27. Sorry for the short time frame, but I was hoping they would have some more official information available.

You can track everyone's Spring LAN choices here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uq343LnakA2t1Bm6io5BEe9-XslSvbCyBRY4_5OriYU/edit?usp=sharing

You can find the website I built about SMITE here: http://lazyrecall.com

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