Something PZD should have considered (Spoilers)

I'm surprised that PZD didn't include a hospital unit in the subprocesses. So basically they were planning for Apollo to teach virtually how to operate on someone? I'm sure by this point in the future, they would have more reliable diagnostic systems, possibly even automated surgery, not to mention pharmaceutical facilities to make medicines, grow the most common plants needed for those medicines, etc. So why isn't there a hospital unit that is attached to a cradle facility? On the plus side, hopefully the apocalypse means several major viruses were wiped out, but what about other viruses or bacteria that may develop? Admittedly after a few generations we might have enough knowledge (first hand experience) that humanity could probably figure things out if they had the Apollo knowledge, but what would happen if there was a major outbreak and it killed off the first generation of humanity when they were introduced out into the world from the cradle facilities? If we've learned one thing, it's that microorganisms can live in the most inhospitable places on earth, so I'm sure a few would be alive and kicking in the outside world.

That lack of foresight seems kind of irresponsible.

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