Something needs to be done to protect the spawns of NPC thrall camps. Bed rolls and other small structures should not block spawns or claim land.

The longer a server goes on, the worse it gets. Players build too close or literally on top of any thrall camp they please and before long the entire server is a thrall camp ghost town. Or players will simply place a bed roll to raid a camp and then when it's left there it too will block the spawn.

Normally, these people would get raided and cleared for doing this, but some of their bases are unreachable without an avatar and no one can get an avatar because there are no more thralls spawning. Even if they did get raided, it's nearly impossible to clear every structure in the area to initiate spawning again.

Suggestions/Possible Solutions:

  • Thrall camps act as structures just like any other player's, and claim the land to prevent building near them.
  • Thrall camps do not stop spawning unless someone clears the entire camp and builds right on top of them (not just close by). This would make them easier to raid and clear by other players who want to keep players from building there.
  • Bed rolls, fire places, and other structures without foundations DO NOT block spawn points or claim land.
  • Lone structures should decay MUCH faster than they do when not attached to any sort of base.

I'm sure there are more ways to solve this problem. But I feel that if it doesn't get solved by Funcom, official servers will suffer dramatically as time goes on as there is no admin to make rules about it or destroy structures blocking spawns.

Suggestions and feedback welcome. Let's please get this topic rolling.

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