Something needs to be done about land claiming ‘ASAP, Griefer on server is placing random foundations all over the map making it very hard to find unclaimed land and leveling due to despawns.

After a single day of the official server being up we have had a single individual that has managed to run all over the map and place single foundations in and around all the thrall camps. He's also placed them at a good portion of the good building spots and they've also been placed around the map at complete random as well. We've come across at least 50+ foundations placed by this player. It's becoming quite frustrating for almost everyone on our server that is trying to build in a decent location. It's just sad. Something needs to be done about this quickly before it becomes more common and the community becomes highly irritated from no thralls spawning, monster despawns and mass land claim from one person. While I understand that once you get steel you can break it, it's kinda ridiculous to have players in tier 3 run all over the map breaking these random foundations that could take countless hours. It's just not fun and needs to be addressed.

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