Some thoughts and questions about the gods, raids, and future

  1. The system gods that can destroy the base, but that can not be destroyed – destroys the whole game. You can add the ability to kill a god? If we, players can kill gods with our archers, we will have the opportunity to defend.
  2. You showed us trebuchet. Let me share my opinion. Trebuchet is very cool, but we should be able to destroy it when we napadayut. Add Ballista, Roman scorpions that we could put on the walls and towers to kill trebuchet. Add masters NPCs that govern these mechanisms because of our absence. To protect trebuchet allow attacking side, build a sort of shield-wall. But defenders should be able to destroy the shield. trebuchet using they ballista.
  3. Do slaves immortal, even those servants who fall in battle do not die and are maimed. Owners must treat them in the hospital for reuse. Thus, we have the army which contribute more sights during the siege and defense. Will decrease the need for collection and players more time to pay attention to the PVP and trade. A loss of such gains will not be painful.
  4. Turn on the night of servers. Most of the players from the official server 58 want the night. Flares on the walls, fire and other fires nightly entertainment, a large part of the magic world of the night. We do not have it.
  5. In my opinion, not enough tools to collect the grass. For the construction of the base elements T3 need to collect a lot of grass. In these moments, the game turns into hell.
  6. Ukrainian language will be the language in which the game will be translated? I can help with the translation. I think the players from Ukraine will be this nice.

I hope you will read my message. Thank you for game, it is wonderful. Good luck to you and і wish you prosperity

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