Some thoughts after completing Wildlands.

Welp, after I 100%ed the game, I thought that I would have some input about it.

First of all, I would like to say that the game is good in my opinion. I really liked the customizations, how much variation the terrain actually have, things like that. But there are also things that I really missed about GRFS that is not in wildlands.

1)The cover system. It wouldn't be much of a problem if it would work for most of the time…

2)The weapon customization. Granted, there are more sights and weapons and foregrips to chose from, but in GRFS there used to be different ammo types, different gadgets, a lot more barrel options, gas systems, and it just made the guns that much more fun to be customized.

3)The squad. The squad's AI used to be more consistent and do not teleport everywhere. They also would stay close to the player and not scattered so far off. Not to mention the cringy dialogues in this game…

4) Actual cutscenes that aren't bowman sitting in a room. Also, there was an actual breaching mechanic where you and your teammates will position yourself before kicking doors down. It just feels a bit more fluid when entering a building or something. It's also weird that some doors in this game can be kicked, but there is always nobody inside…

Don't get me wrong, I liked this game. But I really think that ghost recon didn't have to be open world. Sure, you get to parachute off a plane and all that fun stuff, but one of the aspects that I really liked about GRFS is the variation of locations it has. You go to deserts, rural areas, urban areas… sure, they did switch it up a bit with this game, but with just one open world map they can't really tell stories about something bigger.

Might be that I'm stuck in the past, but that's how I feel about the game. 😛

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