Some thoughts after 750+ hours spent on official pvp servers

Edit: English is not my first language.

First of all the game looks promissing and it holds great potention!

Let me start with my positive experiences:

  • The map, the enviroment looks realy good! I like the design of every even cave, dungeons, structurs. Long story shourt about this subject, the visuals are chisseled and it has an atmoshier.

  • One of the strongest side at the moment of the game is clearly the strucure building layer. The freedom and creativity that it offers is simply unique due to the visual enviroment where we can play with it. It holds a lot of great sandbox content from RP'ing to player made PvP contents. It's clearly a supeior layer right now! I'm very positive about it, keep up by improveing it!

  • I like the background mini quest lines, the fragments of the treasure hunt layer. But here I would add something: try to make it interactive and player driven -chests hidden by players that has great potection(basicaly covered from everyone untill some one finds out it's secret location) the methode could be the same as we can follow the "holagram" ghosts that lead us to the dungeon, or to the undead town true the main quest line

Now, some of my suggestions:

  • first of all you have to fix somehow the powers of avatars. It's a known issue, I do not even wanna stress it more.

  • your end game is combat! (if not role playing) combat elements, to master the combat system that could generate an endgame in Conan Exiles and could force clans, players to stay with the game even for years – due to pvp but even due to pve! – make combat super hard to master! Make it as much playerskill based as posible under your engine (I see that you are probably struggleing with the sliding hitboxes, that first have to be fix to make a skill based combat system) – implant different kind of dodge and active evade skills based on weapons Basicaly what I suggest, is to make different, unique active dodge animation(s) connected to every even weapon kind. Make different active dodge and jump animations connected to very even armor kind. (due to armors, there could be even special dodge and jump animations by mixing up defferent sets in defferent order) The short TTK that you intruduced not long ago is good, but complex active dudge and evade system would be the key to make it fun. (combat that based on: who hit first" will not force many to stay with the game for long)

  • intruduce lockpick system – lockpicks should be expensive to a robery should turn out even as a deficit.

  • try to separate teritory control and raiding due to profit. Teritory control should have a meaning (better resurce yeld or something like that) siege tools should be the tool of a clan due to their prices, not a nearly free playground for off hour griefing.

  • keep in mind due to the mentioned above, that off hour griefing is nothing to do with "brutal world of conan exiles" do not let too much power to that layer, it holds no chalange, holds no skill based conter, it needs no tactical decisions it's just anoying for the on who suffer it and even the griefer will burn out fast due to how easy task he has right now (avatars, cheep and fast off hour destruction…)

  • make some kind of "ofline protection" it sound like a carebear layer, but it is not! There is nothing careber about if someone have to sleep! A player still can be a hardcore, not careber one if he has a real life job, family, school, speeps and he also eats : )

  • the 40 player / server should be drasticaly improved! I know it's a technical issue, but due to my 10 years of massive open world pvp experiences there should be around 250 player / server to keep it live, to handle the scenario when everyon is basicaly friend with eachother, no one starts up conflicts and the server dies by boredom.

  • and one more thing, that is not directly, but indirectly could influance your games future: your steam forum section is more like a detention camp than a forum of an EA game. Personaly I never in my life wanna go back there. I'm one from half million, I know no one give a sh_t but well, care about it.

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