Some suggestions from my personal experience.

The two aspects of this game that have bothered me since launch are Avatars, and the food/water system.

I realize they are most likely working on things behind the scenes to tweak both of these things, for food and water – stuff like gardens and planting food, as well as maybe something like a preserving bin. They have also brought up possible balancing with the avatars, most likely having something to do with the magic system. However I do have some suggestions on these aspects from my own perspective.

The first is to merge food and water into one, and call it something like "Energy" or "Well-Being" – have it be replenished by water (in small amounts), food (in larger amounts) and maybe even having a resting mechanic. Maybe sitting in a chair would trigger "Rest" and slowly start bringing back some "Energy" or "Well-Being". Also make this new system take a lot longer to deplete – but make filling it up all the way harder to do. So it becomes a passive endeavor throughout your game session to keep on top of it, but not always becoming a sudden emergency.

The other suggestion I had is short and sweet – add a section to the description of a server on the server browser to show whether or not said server has Avatars enabled/disabled.

These are my thoughts – feel free to share your own on these aspects of the game.

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