Some spitball ideas for future adventures. Notice me Senpai.

Smite King of the Hill.

(similar to H1Z1 or old paladins survival mode)

10 man free for all or 5v5.

No respawns. (Possible fun room for the dead)

Spawn in a large map far apart that slowly shrinks.

Kill Camps to receive random items, consumables and relics.

Your victory is based off of how long you were able to stay alive.

Tyr Ball

(similar to grifball)

5v5 or 4v4

High damage, low health characters.

3-2 second respawns.

long and empty box map.

Either team can pick up a flag/ball in the center of the map that silences but gives the player a speed buff.

Receive a point by taking the flag/ball to the capture point near enemy spawn.

Horde mode.

team of 5 or 4 hunter role players.

Default adventure map (No teleporter).

Game keeps spawning slow moving melee minions that get more numerous and tanky over time.

Play round base with respawns until all players are eliminated.

The tower.

4v4 mode.

Round respawns.

Spawn in a room by yourself with one enemy. (4 rooms of this).

After 4 deaths have occurred two walls drop out creating two rooms. Then after a set time limit the two rooms become one.

You don't know if the other rooms have a victor from your team or the enemy team.

Kill the entire enemy team to gain a point and reset the match.

Revenge of the Manticore

(dead by daylightish){This one admittedly would take a bit of work.}

1v5 Mode.

The one player on a solo team is a special character, the manticore.

The 5 survivors will have a limited list of characters to choose from and will stay at level 3.

They can not respawn.

They will need to destroy 5 out of 7 non-damaging tower-like structures to open two gates that they can enter to survive.

They will have tree brushes (for sky concealment) and stealth fogs across the map to hide in.

No HP5 or healing.

The manticore is %10 slower than the survivors and has the following abilities.

1) Shot a single target projectile. If hit the enemy receives a permanent %10 Slow. This may stack up to 2 times.

2) Pounce the enemy, Silencing and rooting them while dealing x damage per second. This channel effects last until the target is dead, the manticore cancels the effect, the manticore gets auto attacked 5 times, or is hard cc'ed.

3)The manticore charges for a second then dashes forward.

4)The manticore takes off into the air and has free movement until they select a landing location. While in the air survivors within a certain radius get an audio and visual queue. The manticore is blinded while in air except for a small radius around it's ground targeter.

The manticore would not be easy to kill but if done the player would respawn in 6 seconds in a walled off section of the map with a non timed %20 health shield.

Game ends on when all players died or survived with an overall time limit.

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