Some questions for the ones who are already playing or finished Nier: Automata [No-Spoilers]

I generally like Platinum Games a lot (Bayonetta is one of my favorite games ever) but after playing some of their works, I got pretty annoyed with some things. So, I ask you guys who already played the game:

  • Bosses:

Does the game have good bosses? Also, Platinum keeps with its policy of "disrespect for the boss lifebar"? I ask this because more often than not it happened (a bit in Bayonetta, a lot in Metal Gear Rising) that I was fighting the boss and it had, say 60% of his lifebar left and out of nowhere entered a cutscene and the fight was over. Does this keep happening?

And there are still checkpoints on boss fights?

  • Difficulty levels:

Are there new difficulty options after you finish the game? Which ones are available from the start?

  • Replayability:

I saw some people saying about the different endings and events that happens in subsequent playthroughs. Does these playthroughs offers new enemies and bosses as well?

Is there other playable characters or is it 2B (that's the name of the girl, right?) only?

Also, what kind of unlockables the game have? New weapons? New clothes? Different companions?

Any kind of help is welcome!

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