Some interesting bits of information I’ve gathered on Blackwake through testing.

I decided to hop into some empty servers and test various stuff so I can update the wiki, and a few kindly souls helped me out. The devs will probably know most of this information already, except possibly stuff about clipping and bugs. If I've gotten anything wrong, please feel free to correct me, guys!

Please note that none of this is complaints, just observations. I am loving the game and fully understand this is alpha and that things are being worked on, just want to get some info out to you guys.

BIG KUDOS TO DIGESTED DINGO and nattis gaming for helping me with testing!


  • Jumping from the crow's nests of the galleon to ANY part of the deck will always kill you, so I'd advise against trying it. If you're lucky, you can potentially hit the railing on the side of the ship, but you'll still die a few seconds later from bleeding.

  • Oh, did I mention fall damage makes you bleed?

  • You cannot damage your ship by crashing into an island, even at top speed with a slight run-up.

  • Islands have an invisible wall around them that stops ships running into them, which is slightly bigger than their models. However, this invisible wall does not stop players, or the ship's model itself. You can swim right through an island, or drive the ship into it so it's poking right through the island.

  • Sadly, you cannot climb onto an island, even with the ship pulled right up to it. You just fall right through, the islands aren't solid. Islands are also floating; they have no connection to the seabed.

  • You can hear what sounds like a parrot squawking near the islands. Might just be the boat's ambience but sounds like a parrot to me.

  • You can swim right through a galleon's keel (the big "fish fin" on the bottom).

  • It's possible to stand on the yard (the bit coming off the mast that holds the sails up).

  • Missing a grapple doesn't appear to lose you any rating points.


(When I say "close range", I'm referring to the distance between cannons on a galleon. When I say "mid range", I'm referring to the distance between sets of stairs. When I say "long range", I'm referring to the distance between both ends of the top deck of the galleon).

  • All bullet-based weapons appear to have infinite ammo. I fired Musket and Annley Revolver about 20 times before becoming bored. You'll never run out in combat, that's for sure.

  • Bleeding appears to be caused by being hit 2 times by any melee weapon, being hit once by a cannonball that doesn't kill you, being hit 2-3 times by guns, or taking fall damage.

  • If a cannonball doesn't kill you in 1 hit, the bleeding it causes will kill you in roughly 14 seconds.

  • Musket has a 15 second reload time. It will kill in one hit, whether bodyshot or headshot, at close range, mid range, and long range.

  • Blunderbuss's reload is 13-14 seconds. It will kill in one headshot or bodyshot at close range, two bodyshots or one headshot at mid range, and its observable spread renders it apparently incapable of doing any damage at all at long range (we tried 8 times).

  • Nock Gun's reload is 24 seconds. It will kill in one bodyshot at close range, one bodyshot at mid range, and like the blunderbuss appears to be incapable of hitting anything at long range.

  • Hand Mortar reloads in 7 seconds. Its grenade will bounce off both friendly and enemy players. The grenade has a 5 second fuse after leaving the mortar. A grenade explosion's size/diameter is the distance between two cannons on a galleon.

Interestingly, it seems that the damage or explosion size is different for the person who fired by it and the person who gets hit by it; during testing, we found that although Dingo was closer to the grenade, it would only wound him or not hit him at all, and instantly kill me, despite us being on equal health.

  • Pistol has an 8 second reload. It takes 1 bodyshot to kill a player at close range, 1 bodyshot to kill a player at mid range, and appears to be incapable of killing at long range.

  • Small Pistol's reload is 7 seconds. At close range, it kills in 2 bodyshots or 1 headshot. At mid range, it kills in 3 bodyshots or 1 headshot and 1 bodyshot. At long range, we could not get it to kill, and weren't hearing bullet pings.

  • Annley Revolver has 8 shots in the cylinder, and its reload time is 12 seconds. At close range, it kills in 1 headshot or 4 bodyshots. (Mid range testing and long range testing for secondaries had to be cut short because some cunt was sinking our ship at this stage, but I'll update the wiki with the information when I find it. I was just excited to share this info with you right now!)

  • Matchlock Revolver has 3 shots in the cylinder, and kills in one bodyshot at close range. 13 second reload.

  • Duckfoot has a 14 second reload. 1 bodyshot will kill a player at close range.

it also turned out to be nearly impossible to hit an enemy without looking right at them, suggesting that the duckfoot's hit detection does not match its visuals. Looking very slightly to the left or right of an enemy would still make you miss. This suggests that the Duckfoot may actually just fire in a straight line, or that its spread only becomes apparent at extreme range (we didn't get that far).

  • Cutlass swings once per second, kills in 3 hits, and takes 2 hits to cause fatal bleeding that can kill you in 14 seconds.

  • Rapier (despite the description!) appears to swing once per second, kills in 4 hits, and takes 2 hits to cause fatal bleeding that can kill you in 22 seconds.

  • Knife and Bottle seemed to be identical in every way to Rapier! 4 hits to kill, swings once per second, fatal bleeding in 22 seconds.

  • Grenade apparently has similar behaviour to Hand Mortar I mentioned above, except that the Grenade's fuse is 10 seconds long instead of 5 seconds.

You can throw additional Grenades after your first two; but they won't explode, they'll just disappear. I should probably report that.

  • Tomahawk will instantly kill enemies it hits, if you can actually hit them.

  • Tea/Alcohol can be given to injured enemies for them to drink, even if they don't have it in their loadout.

If anyone's interested, I'll update with the missing data later on if we do more testing. 🙂

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