Some ideas for the main game that would make my experience better and what should be integrated from Narco Road to it.

This is just a opinion of mine and it will stay as such even all the hate people have this game and its DLC, that said here are few things i would like to see in the main game that exist in the Narco Road DLC and some things that dosent exist but would have nice add to the game.

  1. Possibility to ditch the AI team entirely. Even though the DLC has nothing to do with the actual Wildlands game, it has no AI team which is good and something i think should exist also in the main game, the possibility truly challenge the gamer.

  2. The Death Riders Bike. Man that bike is something, i just love that bike and if something like that would exist in the main game it would be awesome. But could u please ditch the nitro from that bike its just not for the Wildlands.

  3. New weapons and make the existing weapons more customisable. Even though this is "tactical" shooter game, it would be nice to see something like Combat Bow or Long Bow in this game as main weapon, not some s***y side arm x-bow Ubisoft is planing for the Fallen Ghost DLC, but something more practical and deadly. Knifes, as throwables and as for wielding, smoke grenades and tier gas grenades. Obviously there are loads of guns and gadgets out there and would be nice to see them in this game.

  4. Now this has been brought up earlier by different user, but i still going to bring it up and that is community created content such as side missions and challenges. This basically explains it self.

  5. Separated character statistics. When playing multiple characters would be nice if they would all separately be categorized and then there would be separate overall statistics that would count all actions. Here are just few things that comes to my mind i dont know if someone has all ready suggested some of these things or not but here they are again..

But these are my thoughts about the things im looking forward and this is solely for the main game as towards solo playing and Co-Op so i didnt brought up the PvP, because i simply dont want to get on that.

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