Solo Vault of Glass on Titan – Full Run (Gorgon’s Maze + Gatekeeper w/ Extra Due To Impossible Solo Mechanics)


In preparation for Age of Triumph, I wanted to get a little more Solo practice inside the Vault of Glass (assuming they don't change too much). I went with Titan here because of the 3 classes, Titan is able to clear the most of VoG as a true solo.

Unfortunately, both Gorgon's Maze and Gatekeeper are literally impossible to progress past certain sections solo due to minimum player requirements (Gorgon has a literal wall blocking you w/o 3 people, Gatekeeper wipes you no matter what solo). I showcase both of these here and the furthest you can possibly get into both of them solo, and then show with extras who do nothing at all to assist. Further details + timestamps below.


00:00 – Solo VoG Entrance
04:08 – Solo Confluxes
14:33 – Solo Oracles
21:27 – Solo Templar
35:11 – Solo Gorgon's Maze Blockage
39:16 – Solo Gatekeepers Attempt – Both Relics Out, True Solo
45:42 – Solo Gatekeepers Kill w/ Extra Outside To Stop Raid Wipe
49:28 – Solo Atheon on Titan

The run was actually pretty smooth overall, I 2 shot Confluxes, 1 shot Oracles, 1 shot Templar, 1 shot Gatekeeper, and about 3 on Atheon due to silly ports. Overall the run was fairly smooth, I think the Warlock practice last year definitely paid off!


Gorgon's Maze:

When you reach up to Gorgon's Maze as a true solo, there is no darkness zone triggered for the area and there is a blockage preventing you from going further through the maze. This changes when you then load into the instance with 3 or more people, the blockage is removed. The others are able to then leave and the blockage is still gone, allowing you to "solo" it. People generally get confused about being able to solo Gorgon's Maze as back in Y1 everyone used to leave after reaching there as a group letting one person do it. But when you reach there as a true solo, it is impossible to progress. Not due to difficulty, but due to raid mechanics. You can see it in the video at 35:11 .

Due to raid mechanics causing an instant wipe as soon as there's nobody outside of the portal, Gatekeeper is impossible to do without another person sitting outside. You can use a Titan and get both relics out, but it will wipe you at the end due to the Relic killing you (as you need to block it earlier in the fight). In this video I show an attempt where I get both Relics out as a true solo, and you can see the last phase of the fight trigger on the wipe screen. This is as far as you can possibly do this fight as a true solo: – that has multiple examples and explanations of why the fight is impossible solo.

In the case of this video, I have that wipe attempt, and then the kill attempt with an extra outside. The person outside does literally nothing but hide at the back and prevent the raid wipe mechanics. He doesn't shoot anything, doesn't do damage to enemies or help in any other way other than preventing the raid wipe mechanics.

This is as truly as solo as possible that Vault of Glass can be done, the other players do not assist at all in these two cases. I've put this at the top of the description, the very start of the video, and in each section where people are used as to not mislead people. I really wish these encounters didn't have arbitrary player limits so the entire thing could be solo'd, but outside of that at least you can do most of it.

Other than that, everything else is done how they should be, no skips at the start and Atheon is killed as a solo (have to use the out of map spot though).

That should cover everything! I go over weapons/builds I use at the very end of the video too. Any questions feel free to ask!

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