Soar, Benji, and Hirez SPL Rules

I know this is a little late, but i have been super busy, and not able to post. I am posting this because I think there should be action taken against Benji for what he did. For those who do not know Benji went from Soar to eUnited(NME) in between weeks which resulted in Soar having to forfeit because they could not field a roster (both subs' situations did not allow them to play that week).


In this TL Jigz, the support player for Soar, explains from his POV what happened. He states that Benji left the team last Wednesday, a day after check ins. After check ins rosters are locked for the week. Benji was checked in on two teams Soar and eUnited(NME). And the SPL rules don't specifically state he has obligations to all teams checked in for. Jigz explains this pretty well in his TL. Jigz asked if he could bring someone in that wasn't checked in and Hirez says no, so Soar has to forfeit their game against eUnited.

This is where it gets controversial. Jigz posts screen shots of when/how Benji said he was leaving.

im gonna play with nme vs alg tomorrow

this was said at 10:52 PM on tuesday, an hour before rosters are locked for the week. IMO this is not enough info to know that Benji was leaving Soar. Jigz, 10 minutes later, essentially tries to confirm that Benji was still on the team, and Benji doesn't confirm that he left Soar until 12:40 AM on Wednesday 40 minutes after rosters are locked in.

At this point Soar only has 4 players, Benji left and their two subs are unable to play. Nulisa got put on a team and the other sub was on a vacation and couldn't play.

Now this is where this thread really starts.

Although Hirez's rules regarding roster check ins were not violated (Benji was on 2 rosters and pretty much got to pick which one he played for), other rules can come into play here.

Offical Smite Rules:

Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, including, without limitation, (B) taking inappropriate actions in a League Game such as “intentional feeding” or collusion.

If any of you have doubts that this rule can be applied to this situation here are some definitions:

Collusion: secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.

Inappropriate: not suitable or proper in the circumstances.

This rule is subjective

taking inappropriate action is what the rule is about, inappropriate action is subjective by definition. Although the situation we have here is IMO clearly inappropriate. Also I do believe this is collusion as well. Secret cooperation is the big thing here. This was largely secret, between Benji and eUnited. Soar was clearly not involved.

The fact that eUnited played against Soar that week made it especially bad although even if they didn't Soar still wouldn't have been able to get a roster and forfeited anyways. Not only did Soar get a loss, but Benji got 2 free wins.

Onto Hirez's part, I think it is the popular opinion that they should have let Soar bring someone in. They should also not allow a team to be able to be signed up for multiple rosters when they can only play on one anyways, that is just silly. A lot of people blamed Hirez for this but I don't think it's their fault for the most part. Like I said they should have let Soar bring someone in BUT they would still be at a disadvantage because it would be a new player on the team, so Benji would still be in the wrong. Also the player roster rules, are something you wouldn't really think of unless the situation happens. Hirez just needs to add that each player can only be signed up for one roster, or make players locked for splits instead of weeks.

Anyways I don't think there is much opposition in saying that Benji did something unethical or wrong (or inappropriate). I do not think Benji was intentionally trying to sabotage Soar, I think that he was just not happy and wanted to switch to eUnited. But, even though it wasn't intentional there were extremely negative results that came from his actions. Even in the best case scenario, Hirez lets Soar bring someone in and they are able to play, they are still at an unfair disadvantage because of Benji.

I'm not looking for people to disagree with me on Hirez's faults, I'm more looking at what Benji did and how he was in the wrong. I think Benji should be suspended for the remainder of the Spring split. His actions cost the forfeiture of another team. This should not be taken lightly. Especially from Hirez's point of view. They didn't allow Soar to get someone because of the official rules. Hirez needs to conduct some sort of investigation and make an official statement regarding Benji's actions, They should also care because it looks bad on them as well if teams are not able to play.

TLDR: Benji didn't violate rules regarding roster check ins, but there were other rules that IMO were violated. Benji should be penalized.

I am not a fan of Soar, I don't really care for either team involved I just think what happened was not taken seriously.

I don't think I violate any of this subs rules, anyways what do you guys think, should action be taken on Benji?

Edit: I think people are looking at it wrong. Even if the other sub had told them he had plans that probably wouldn't have changed the outcome. They would have just shrugged it off because no one on their main roster was going to be gone. Or so they thought. Benji still would have left and they would still only have 4. Having more subs makes no sense, subs are used so rarely in smite. There was no reason any of them should have expected one of their starters to be gone. Obv extreme things can happen where someone wouldn't be able to play, but the chance of that is so small it could be neglected for a week.

Edit2: what I'm bringing up is not whether soar could have done something more to field a roster. The question is did Benji do something that should be punished. My answer is yes. As I explained iny post, what he did was collusion and should be treated as such.

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