So, what’s your personal “I shouldn’t have gotten as far as I did.” story?

Not just wins, but just situations where you fucked up royally, got fucked over, or just plain ol had bad lucky and made it surprisingly far into a round.

For me it was last night. Landed and somehow ran into 4 buildings in a row without a single gun in them, not even a sidearm. Ended up finding a 9mm and bolting since the zone is starting to shrink. End up running across a cabin with…a shotgun. Next shrink I realize I've taken a path that is basically going to send me across nothing but hill tops with minimal buildings on the way, so pretty much no chance to find anything with range…so I spend that entire play area duration hidden in a bush clutching a shotgun. Right as the third shrink is about to hit, I'm perched on a hilltop hidden in the grass, and some guy runs by me.

At 21 players left he died with a mostly kitted out character, to some asshat with a shotgun who only got to engage him out of pure luck that he ran at an angle he couldn't see me in the grass.

Took his stuff, ended up getting an M16 and a few attachments, pushed through to the next two shrinks and made it to the last 7. Ended up dying because I wasn't watching the building behind me that had been cut in half by the blue wall. There had been a guy laying prone on the second story balcony who shot me as I went by…

Considering I survived to the last 21 or so with a shotgun and nothing else, in mostly open terrain? I shouldn't have.

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