So what do visitors get as a reward for helping you? And other co-op Q’s…

Up until now I've only ever summoned visitors, but now I feel experienced enough to offer my aid as a visitor. I realized though, I have NO idea whats going on the other end of the spectrum. If anyone would like to clear these things up, I'd greatly appreciate it:.

  • Is there any difference in mechanics between pressing square on a mission, selecting "random" from a torii gate, or selecting the yokai realm co-op? Like difficulty/reward modifiers?

  • When helping other players, do I need to worry about dropping my Souls Echoes Amrita upon death?

  • If there are death consequences, is there any difference between dying as a visitor or the hosts death?

  • What kind of loot/rewards do visitors get? Were they getting the drops/amrita from enemies I killed? Bosses? Revenants? Amrita nodes? Kodamas?

  • Are there any level restrictions/matchmaking for co-op?

  • I understand that my stats will be scaled down under certain conditions, but unsure about what that entails. Is it the hosts level that im lowered to? The stages level? And what is lowered, just my base stats? Gear stats? Or a flat X% damage/defense debuff?

  • Also, are there any stipulations regarding dropping my gear/revenant for friends? If my friend just started the game, could I die at on the first level and give them full lvl150 purples? Divines?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm still actively searching for these (the list was way longer) but it seems like this was stuff ppl talked about a while ago, hard to sift through the results and find answers (or maybe im using the wrong terms…)

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