So, on the whole “Skrilliax” thing…

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Hey, everyone. You all are insane.

Seriously, I had just made that as a funny response to a comment on a shitpost, and apparently everyone really likes it. I wanted to respond to a few things I heard a lot in the comments.

So, on the topic of making an extended version of the track, I could probably put some time into it in the next week or so. Please keep in mind that it takes a pretty significant amount of time to make music that actually sounds close to good. I'll see what I can do, but it probably wont be instant.

Secondly, a lot of people had requests for the same kind of thing but for different bosses. I'd love to hear what bosses you all think would be good to take voice clips from. I'll be looking at the comments here for suggestions, but there's no guarantees or anything. I also don't want them all to sound the same, so there'll be a lot of variety. And plus, I really just don't want to be copying Skrillex for all of these.

On a quick final note, I did see some people offering to pay money for these. Aside from some legal roadbloacks towards using copyrighted auto samples, I just don't feel that my music is at a high enough quality to sell yet. When I end up releasing full versions of these, I'll put them up for free download.

Thank you all for the big response to that little joke drop; it really brightened up my day yesterday and today. I'll see what I can do soon for a full version of the track. In the meantime, you can find more of my music here. Thanks again, everyone!

–DMK <3

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