So many people curious about ballistics and weapon handling, heres some info from experience.

I see alot of people on reddit and the forums talking about how the ballistics and weapon stats in this game are not realistic (which is true), but often not really displaying an understanding of why. I figured I could clear some things up for people to better understand the basics (without getting too snipery).

  • A combination of bullet weight (grains), barrel twist, barrel length, and caliber (case powder), is what determines the muzzle velocity of a round upon leaving a barrel.

Lets keep in mind that ghosts are US military and even though theyre delta/cag/seal/dentist/weathermen, theyre still subject to nato and UN warfare rules, meaning ghosts will generally be using ball ammo, no hollow points, and likely limited steel penetrators. (Anything other than ball ammo apparently kills people too hard…)

So heres some basics.

  • heavier bullets require faster barrel twists to stabilize in flight.
  • lighter bullets require slower twist rates to not cause destabilization due to over spin.
  • longer barrels = increased muzzle velocity (often negligable) and accuracy.
  • increased muzzle velocity = better armor penetration.
  • lighter bullets start very fast, but slow down very quickly.
  • heavier bullets start a bit slower, but hold their speed better.
  • slower bullets cause more cavitation on impact as they deform and fragment properly.
  • faster bullets can often over penetrate a soft target and can often barely deform or fragment at all.

So for example the 5.56 nato round M855 ball commonly known as "green tip", is best fired from 14.5-18 inch barrels with a 1/7 twist. This gives the round an effective range of about 500-600 meters and about 2750 fps. Not quite fast enough to penetrate modern body armor, but heavy enough to keep up speed and cause significant wound cavitation between 150 and 400 meters. When you hear about "through and through" wounds related to the M855 round, its usually because we shot guys inside of 100 meters and the bullet velocity hadnt slowed down enough yet.

XM193, the common vietnam era 5.56/.223 round is only 55 grains but out of a 20 inch 1/12 twist rate barrel from the m16A1, the muzzle velocity was over 3300 fps. Since most engagements were inside of 100 meters, US service members were often witnessing over penetration of their targets. (Fun fact: XM193 from a 1/9 twist will shoot straight through modern steel armor out to 100 meters)

So now that we have a better understanding of ammunition and muzzle velocity, its time to talk about weapon handling.

  • longer or heavier "bull barrels" reduce muzzle rise, thus less recoil.
  • shorter barrels are lighter, so more recoil and muzzle rise will be felt.
  • higher calibers have more recoil, but it is often negligable (.50bmg, .338 lapua and generally any winmag/magnum load not withstanding) because heavier bullets travel slower, thus newtons third law.
  • larger calibers often require heavier platforms thus reducing felt recoil and muzzle rise in a more or less proportionate manner.

So for example, the Mk17 and M4A1 (both platforms I have alot of time on) have very similar muzzle rise and percieved recoil. The mk17 fires a slower heavier round, and is heavier itself with a heavier forend and balanced reciever. The M4A1 is light, fires a lighter faster round and has very little weight in the forend. This makes them handle about the same, but the mk 17 fires a much heavier, much more devastating round.

Generally in wildlands, people are saying all the weapons firing 5.56 nato should be doing the same damage and penetration. This isnt necessarily true, as we dont know the bullet weight and twist being used with each 5.56 nato chambered weapon. There could very well be a noticable difference to its stats, but in reality, it would be negligable compared to what we see in the game. (Maybe the p416 is so weak because its firing 40 grain .223 varmint ammo) As i said earlier though, the ghosts would likely be using the abundant M855 ball ammo which would stabalize decently and similarly across all platforms. As for the pistol ammo from smgs in the game, they are scaled much more appropriately with their real life counterparts, but still a bit wonky.

Now in the services, we all go to great lengths to adapt our assigned platforms to the environment we have to fight in. This generally comes in the form of attachments.

  • modern suppressors barely affect the physics of a round leaving the barrel. They also do not make you a secret ninja assassin. Most suppressed rifles still are about as loud as a nail gun unless youre shooting subsonic ammo, which is a very slow traveling bullet with very limited range.
  • compensators primarily manage vertical recoil. (Too much compensation on a heavy barrel like on a Mk12 SPR can cause negative muzzle rise, thus you will normally see them with a standard muzzle crown or a flash hider). They do not affect range or muzzle velocity or pen and damage like they do in the game.
  • flash hiders reduce and on some platforms completely eliminate muzzle flash increasng youre Real life ninja stat by .333repeating.
  • vertical grips are the gold standard used in special operations and the infantry because it keeps your hand off the barrel shroud. (Guns get hot and in a tic we often dump 2-3 mags) even afg's get hot as shit. The kind of grip you use on your weapon or no grip at all will generally not affect the handling of a weapon in anyway. Its just shooters preference, and every shooter is slightly different. In actual fights, vertical grips serve that extra purpose of no burninating ourselves.
  • lasers and shit…. depends on the mission. If im wearing an/psq 20's, theyll pick up both IR and Vis. Maybe the locals were working with only have vis. If im wearing my pvs 14's, theyll only pick up IR. The mission generally dictates what sort of equipment we use for night operations. The standard is the peq15, its an excellent tool that has both vis and IR plus an IR illuminator, plus it can take a beating and still work. In no way shape or form should these affect the stats of a weapon. They do make lobbing rounds at night a lil easier.

And lastly… ghillie suits…. Iv never seen anyone wear that shit in any theatre ever, not even once, just scouts trying to look cool during training and such. Cut that shit out wierdos, you look like sasquatch.

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