So, let’s talk about that ending VT…

I think I can speak for a large portion of people in this sub when I say that, in some capacity, Destiny has had an impact on us. Some small, some large, and personally it's had a fairly big one on me.

For a lot of people, myself included, video games aren't just "games". They're not just a way to pass the time, nor are they a way to ignore the responsibilities of everyday life. They're a new world to become immersed in, an escape from what can sometimes be a harsh reality, a playground to meet and enjoy time with new and old friends alike. And sometimes, they can be a saviour.

I started playing this game a few years ago and I ended up hooked. It saw me through my time at University, through numerous highs and lows but I always knew that if ever I needed some time away, I could pick up a controller and jump back into the Tower. So that ending VT was so much more than just that for me, and I'm sure for many other Guardians too. The sense of accomplishment and recognition throughout the entire video was absolutely wonderful. For a moment, it actually felt like the thousands of hours put into this game were worth every second. I've never came across a game before that's even came close to that.

The line "We thank you Guardian, and we will never forget" is something that kind of left me sat reflecting for a moment. For all the laughs, the controller throws, the cheers, and the friendships formed – Thank you, Bungie. Thank you for giving this one Guardian something to look forward to.

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