So let’s talk about some armor/weaponry that still isn’t available to players.

Why FromSoft???? Why you do dis to us?

. I mean it doesn't look as pretty because Yhorm is hollow(not to mention he's literally the size of an average Titan in Attack on Titan) and has a black face, but still this is definitely one of the most coveted sets in the game in my eyes next to the Elite Lothric Knight set.

Company Captain Yoshka's Set – Definitely would be cool to have especially what the explanations would be for her armor set.

Pontiff Sulyvahn's set – There's MORE than enough lore around Pontiff to warrant his armor set. He's literally one of the most powerful bosses in the base game.

Has FromSoft released any official statement on this topic? Is there a way we can get in touch with the developers or community managers so that we could get a concrete answer instead of just hoping for the best?

I've dug into the sub-reddit looking for posts with official answers but there doesn't seem to be any. There's a few popular posts like This one and This one.

Can we finally get an answer from the community managers/developers??!!?!??? How much money do we need to give??!? How many people have to vote in a strawpoll for this to happen? Was there a secret patch in the near future that had all these things that I didn't know about?!?!

I know to some of you this post will look like another "Oh re-post or rehashing shit that's already been discussed" but I want answers from FromSoft in hopes that we can get an answer(one that's hopefully a good one).

Dark Souls 3 is a great game and the souls series as a whole was a great franchise. I want to know that are voices in this particular topic are being heard!

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