So I’ve been working on a new preferred champions list for 7.2.

So with 7 max followers in 7.2 possible and me with nothing really to do, I've been attempting to make a new list since the old one hasn't been updated since 7.0 and even now it's already out of date with Moroes and Meatball. What I've attempted to do is make the first 6 followers give you 2 counters of all 3 class types and 2 of all 3 counter types while leaving the 7th spot open for either a bodyguard with your resource/gold wq equiptments or preferably; Moroes/Meatball . Ideally I subscribe to the idea of keeping the missions longer with '+8h +%' items on my all my chars so I try to avoid the champions with '-to mission duration' as these tank the chances of 9h and 10h missions by dropping them below 8h. (I don't have excel either so no pretty charts sadly.)

—Paladin; *Has two new champions instead of one.

Active: Aponi (Holy-Shield), Delas (Holy-Consecrate), Arator (Ret-Consecrate), Liadrin (Ret-Rebuke), Maximillian (Prot-Rebuke), Maxwell (Prot-Shield)

Inactive: Julia

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Boros/Nerus/Lothraxion (Order/Gold)


Active: Taoshi (Sub-Sprint), Greymane (Sub-Kick), Marin (Outlaw-FoN), Vanessa(Outlaw-Kick), Garona (Assassin-Sprint), Shaw (Assassin-FoN)

Inactive: Tethys, Valeera

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Ravenholdt (Order/Gold)

—Demon Hunter;

Active: Allari (Havoc-Consume), Kayn (Havoc-Rush), Jace (Vengence-Rush), Asha (Vengence-Throw), S'theno (Outcast-Throw), Akama (Outcast-Consume)

Inactive: Kor'vas, Matron

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Belath (Order/Gold)

—Hunter; *Tried to avoid Addie doing missions it's better to have Rexxar with no bonus then Addie killing your equiptment bonus.

Active: Emmarel (Beast-Cheetah), Blake (Beast-Counter), Loren (Marks-Counter), Hemet (Marks-Trap), Rexxar (Survival-Trap), Syrenne (Survival-Cheetah)

Inactive: Hillaire, Brightwing

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Addie (Order/Gold)

—Death Knight; *No avoiding Koltira's -20% as he's one of the only 2 counters for minions.

Active: Koltira (Blood-Death), Minerva (Blood-Fort), Thassarian (Frost-Mind), Thoras (Frost-Death), Nazgrim (Unholy-Fort), Darion (Unholy-Mind)

Inactive: Amal'thazad, Whitemane (No counter)

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Rottgut (Order/Gold)


Active: Finna (Prot-Pummel), Svergan (Prot-Whirlwind), Eitrigg (Fury-Leap), Hymdall (Fury-Leap), Ymirion (Arms-Pummel), Ragnvald (Arms-Whirlwind)

Inactive: Thorim, Hodir

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Dvalen (Order/Gold)


Active: Calydus (Demon-Circle), Lulubelle (Demon-Lock), Kanrenthad (Affliction-Circle), Shinfel (Affliction-Hellfire), Kira (Destruction-Lock), Ritssyn (Destruction-Hellfire)

Inactive: Zinnin, Jubeka

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Twins (Order/Gold)


Active: Remulos (Balance-Bash), Naralex (Balance-Starfall), Thistalee (Feral-Dash), Broll (Feral-Dash), Sylendra (Resto-Bash), Brightwing (Resto-Starfall)

Inactive: Hamull, Zen'tabra

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Mylune (Order/Gold)

—Mage; *Stuck with another -20% as Esara has the one of only two Counterspells.

Active: Millhouse (Fire-Blizzard), Esara (Fire-Counterspell), Modera (Frost-Blizzard), Meryl (Frost-Blink), Destroyer (Arcane-Blink), Kalec (Arcane-Counterspell)

Inactive: Ravandwyr

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Vargoth/Aethas (Order/Gold)


Active: Calia (Discipline-Nova), Mariella (Discipline-Silence), Natalie (Shadow-Leap), Zebra (Shadow-Silence), Sol (Holy-Nova), Ishanah (Holy-Leap)

Inactive: Yalia

7th: Moroes/Meatball or Alonsus/Aethalyste (Order/Gold)

Sorry Monks and Shamans, I don't have either high enough to even see their followers, rest of them we're 110 already. 🙁

Preferred equipment is now; 15% to all, 10% to all, 40% to 8h+ for your now 3 slots per champion. No real point having the 30% and 40% 8h+ at the same time since 3 champions with just the 40%'ers will always 200% a 8h+ mission. 3x+25% should give them enough to do the other missions and if that fails hopefully you got Moroes or single use boosters from someone like Shaw or Maxwell (everyone who gives them was prioritized to be in these lineups.).

Edit: Forgot Meatball Existed.

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