Smurfing is still harming the new player experience, potential solution

My sister recently started playing Smite and I've been watching over her shoulder to give her pointers while she plays. I noticed that in nearly every game she played (probably 9 out of 10) there's was someone smurfing going like 20/2 with an up to date meta build while sitting at an account level less than 10.

So what I decided to do was make a smurf myself (necessary evil), and go Cabrakan with a one-shot build (poly + soul reaver + void stone etc). It only takes a minute or two to identify someone playing really well, and a quick Smite guru search will show like less than 20 games in their history or so.

Then the goal is to just exist to kill that person. Once you've got blink + poly + soul reaver you should have no problem keeping them on a respawn timer for a huge percentage of the match. An Artemis who had prior matches of games along the line of 38/2 was reduced to making a trap fortress around her tower in base and going like 6/15.

The best part was that my sister was finally having fun learning how to play the game, it gave her a chance to really play with other people closer to her skill.

On the off chance that the most grievous smurfer is on your team (a 15/0 Serqet on her 2nd game for example) you do your best to make them die. Never save them, wall them into the enemy team if possible and body block them around pillars or out of fountain while they're being chased.

I imagine any god with very high single-target damage could work as well. Loki, Ao Kuang, Anubis, Kali, etc.

Thoughts? This is a new commitment I've taken upon myself to play at least one game as the "Smurf Police" each night. I imagine if enough other Diamond+ players did this as well it might really have an impact on the new player experience.

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