Smite has started to feel like a very unpolished game lately

Someone mentioned the code for the smite comic still being around after 2 years. It got me thinking about how unpolished smite has become. You still have fafnirs wonderland on EVERY games victory/defeat screen. Wisdom tab has been irrelevant for about 3 years, there's no game tutorial. Now the tutorial i can let go because of the complexity of conquest, but you got pros and hirez employees alike and you can't put up a few games of conquest with annotations or commentary on the wisdom tab or your channel to show people how a game looks for the casual player? Then there's clan rewards which were introduced and than immediately forgotten about. Plus i keep seeing all these garbage promotions from 3rd parties like faceit. Still never knew what it was. Now there's a new one i daw pop up about gold? Don't need to announce that i guess, just let people figure it out?

And then there's the gods and game modes. It still amazes me there is still no dedicated stat page for smite. To see where gods rank, you rank, how well they do in game modes, how often they play etc. We have smite guru but they've gotten a lot worse after their update. But a 3rd party website has More info and polish than hirez does themselves is really bad. Now console patches are getting pushed back. It seems like hirez isn't able to handle everything. Maybe they're understaffed or over worked but their game seems to lack seriously polish and has just gotten sloppier and sloppier. There's so many things we don't have that would make the game better, none which hirez seems to be able to give us?

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