SMITE EsportsWikis Invitational League for SEA region announcement.

Hello, /r/Smite.

This post is mainly intended for the Southeast Asian population, but it contains info for people from other regions as well.

Due to Hi-Rez not having plans for a Pro Scene in the SEA region this year, we over at Smite EsportsWikis have decided to step up to the task. We are launching a 5 week Invitational League for any players and teams within the Southeast Asian region, that are interested to play in the "pro-level". The Invitational will be split into 2 phases: Open Qualifiers which will run for the span of 2 weeks, and a 4-team League which will run for 3 weeks.

The Open Qualifiers are being held at Saturdays March 11th and March 18th, with the sign-ups opening this Saturday 4th of March and closing on March 10th. The Qualifiers will follow a Double Elimination format, with the first week having no seeding, and the second week having seeding. The teams will earn points based on their performance in both weeks.

After the Qualifiers are done, the 4 teams with the most points will advance to the Invitational League itself. The League follows a Round Robin format for 3 weeks, during which all teams will play against each other once. These games will also be streamed.

I know some of you may be thinking that the duration of the entire thing is a bit short, but we want to run this Split of the League as an experiment. If it all goes well, we are able to expand on the duration and the teams in the next Split.

Here are some important dates to know (specific times will be detailed in a later post):

March 4th: Sign-ups for the Open Qualifiers are opened (the form will be released on a separate post that day.)
March 10th: The sign-ups are closed.
March 11th & March 18th: Check-ins for the Qualifiers are opened, after which the matches will begin.
Late March/Early April: The Invitational League will begin.

If any questions arise, we will be happy to answer them here!
You can join Smite SEA Discord from here.

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