Smite Discord Bot! plus Final Boss Thanatos giveaway

Hey /r/smite


(I had previously posted my bot here but post didn't get much attention and I've made quite a few changes since the original post so I'm reposting)

I've developed a Discord bot with smite related commands and I'm looking for some suggestions!

Here are the current commands:


Command Description
.god Generates a random god. Ex: .god mage
.team Generates a random team. Ex: .team (number between 3 and 5)
.patch Shows the latest Smite patch notes Ex: .patch
.role Generates a random role (Mid, solo, etc)
.feedback Sends your feedback directly to me. You can also use this command to report bugs / suggest features. Ex: .feedback Could you add a command that does….
.changelog Shows the latest changes to the bot
.player Shows some information about the player. Ex: .player Cantinhu
.livematch Shows all the ranks of the player in your lobby. Ex .livematch Shing
.announcements Enables or disables announcements on this server. Server admin permissions required to use this command. Ex: .announcements on
.setdefaultchannel Sets the text channel the bot will use for announcements and giveaways
.help The bot sends you a PM with all the commands you have permissions to use.


The bot will be online 24/7 so if you want to add it to your server simply click this link and the bot will join. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a reply below or add me in Discord – Cantinhu#3108

Please keep in mind this bot is in early development. There may be stuff that doesn't work 100 % and there might be some down time.. If you see a bug/typo/anything unusual please report it by messaging me here, on discord or using the .feedback command.

Now, I know you might be interested in the FB Thanatos skin.. How do you win you ask? Simply add the bot to your server, a week from now I'll trigger the giveaway and the bot will randomly select a server and post the code there. Please keep in mind that Announcements have to be allowed on the server for the bot to be able to post. (They are enabled by default.) I also recommend you use set a default channel for the announcements by using the .setdefaultchannel command.

Here is a screenshot of the bot

Known Issues – The bot every so often loses connection for a few seconds then reconnects. This will be fixed in the next version of the wrapper that I'm using

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