Smite content creation is harder than it needs to be. (SPL Match ids no longer posted,replay system,etc).

Long story short, I help most of your favorite streamers/pro players with content creation. (weak3n,allied,barra,etc) and I'm slowly noticing a trend. Hirez used to post match ids but now for some reason for season 4, hirez stopped entirely. It sucks because as a content creator, it feels like hirez is slowly making content creation in smite harder and harder. I shouldn't have to hope someone on X team remembers the match id. It should be easily accessible so anyone not only myself can replay a SPL match because the stream camera doesn't capture everything.

The replay system in general. A while ago, I posted this thread.

The replay system is outdated and needs to be addressed at some point. Why because again, it's awkward. Sometimes it takes minutes to get into a replay with no real notification at all. The spectator itself is missing some simple core functions ( a timeline, keyframes, removal of the skybox,etc) which most games nowadays are expected to have. (League, cod,csgo, etc).

Hidden profiles. This is me being picky but I think hidden profiles are dumb. Just make custom games unable to be found, so scrims are hidden. What if someone wants to start reviewing pros in ranked? Explain their builds/playstyle? What are they suppose to do? Go off the pro players stream and basically steal stream footage? Go off SPL stream footage when that player isn't the focus of the camera 24/7?

TLDR, I feel like fundamentally the replay system should be easy access for everyone. If you want to make a random video of X spl player doing the hottest play ever or meming out someone missing ults, you should be able to without any odd restrictions.

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