Smite Celtic God Concept: Goibniu, God of the Forge

Goibniu, God of the Forge(Assassin)(Celtic) Celtic Assassin, Melee Physical

Passive – Forge Master

Goibniu is a master blacksmith and therefore makes his own items. This lets Goibniu buy his items from anywhere on the map with a 5 second channel. If Goibniu buys an item in base it stays the same but if Goibniu forges an item out of the base that item gains a stat buff. While channeling he is rooted to the ground. Goibniu has a special item slot for his special items Max. 3 items


Goibniu summons one of his mighty forges out of the ground dealing damage upon entrance and exit. If Goibniu is out of combat he forges a Torc item that he has in his item slot until the next ability cast where it is destroyed upon the abilities cast. If in combat this forge spawns a random item from Goibniu’s personal arsenal that lasts till out of combat. If Goibniu buys an item near a forge then his channel time is

Feed to the Forge

Goibniu dashes forward then grabs the nearest enemy god or buff camp minion and brings them to his nearest forge. While being grabbed the enemy is stunned. When Goibniu brings the enemy to the forge he throws them into the fire where they are burned and take damage over time. At the end the enemy god is spit out towards Goibniu and the forge


Goibniu launches himself up a little dashing through the air dealing damage. The more items he has extends the range but lowers the height of the dash. In the inverse the fewer items Goibniu has raises the height but lowers the range. At Max. Height(1 item) this goes over all player made and map walls and At Max. Length Goibniu can dash 48 feet (2 extra ft per item).

Ultimate – Arsenal of the Gods

Goibniu expands his inventory summoning all of the items in his Arsenal gaining all of his items gaining their buffs for a duration(Except the Torc). Goibniu gains a power and movement speed for the duration. Goibniu gets all of the cooldown reduction from his items even exceeding the cooldown cap. If Goibniu summons a forge it becomes a turret and fires at enemies.

Goibniu’s Arsenal

Sword of the Forge 15 Physical Power 10% Critical Strike Chance 5 Physical Penetration

Torc of Goibniu 10 Mp5 Passive – Upon Goibniu’s next ability activation this item is destroyed giving him full mana refund.

Duelists Buckler 20 Physical Protections 10% Movement Speed 50 Health 10% Crowd Control Reduction

Blacksmiths Breastplate 25 Physical Protections 10% Cooldown Reduction 15 Magical Protections Passive- You take 2% additional damage from enemies. Abilities you cast give you a protections buff.

Helm of Foresight 10 Physical Protections 20 Magical Protections 10 Physical Penetration

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