Skip Grenades – How do they feel for you now?

Hi Fellow Bladedancers (or those who used to be bladedancers until the recent nerfs crippled our beloved subclass #Salty)

So following the nerf to Shinobus Vow to remove the extra seeker from skip nades I was just looking for feedback from people who have used them about how they feel to you.

I tried running them yesterday and they just seemed……off. I understand that without the additional seeker the total damage will be less and the chances of getting a lock on/track upon initial throw will be reduced (due to the reduced spread from a reduction in number of seekers). However, it seemed that the tracking ability seemed to have been toned down as well. Throwing at people in wide open space seemed to result in either them tanking the hits for a total of about 60 damage or retreating back where they seemed to very easily evade the tracking (where I was getting hits on people I could no longer see total damage seems to be about 30-40 only).

Now could just be that people were successfully getting behind cover or I was reading numbers incorrectly so would very much welcome the thoughts of others who have been using them since patch dropped.

Please note – this is not a discussion about whether or not they should have been nerfed or whether they were OP before etc. Purely interested on peoples finding of their effectiveness now.

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