Sinking times for galleon with 0 and 1 pump active

Aye sailors,

I recently did some testing on my server on the sinking times of the galleon with 0 and 1 pump active. I was unable to test it with 2 pumps, as the server fills up rather quickly once you have 3 people already there.

Anyway I wanted to post my results and the further calculations I made that estimate how fast it will sink with numbers i did not test, but according to the pattern i discovered, I think it should be pretty accurate.

The following numbers show you the time between the initial impact of the cannon ball and the eventual sinking of the galleon.

Number of holes No pumps 1 pump active
1 hole 5:45 7:11
2 holes 2:52 3:35
3 holes 1:55 2:24
4 holes 1:27 1:49
5 holes 1:10 1:28
6 holes 0:58 1:12
7 holes 0:50 1:02
8 holes 0:44 0:55
9 holes 0:39 0:49
10 holes 0:35 0:44

These numbers are given in min:secs if anyone was wondering.

Other than giving you the numbers, what have my findings confirmed? Well first of all it has become obvious, that pumps can NOT prevent your ship from sinking. Having one pump active slows down your sinking speed on the galleon by 20 %. I have not done tests for 2 holes yet, but if anyone wants estimates, I can include them here too. Based on my findings I think its safe to assume, that having 2 pumps active on the galleon slows down the sinking speed by 40%. Based on this percentage I would be able to calculate the sinking speed if you have two pumps active. Without actual testing I recommend caution when using these findings though, so I will not include them as fact in this post.

The numbers posted above are within a 1-2 second accuracy range. I have tested up to 4 holes and calculated the rest based upon my previous findings and the emerging pattern.

Good luck sailing the high seas! See you on the battlefield!

Now that I have finished the part with the numbers, its time for some shameless self promotion. I have done this testing on the server run by my clan, the Royal Navy. You are welcome to join us on our server: Captain Venoms Naval Warfare. See you there and happy sailing!

edit: Does anyone know how to format tables correctly? I used the built in table tool but it doesn`t seem to be working properly.

edit 2: Finally got the table working correctly.

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