Silhouette fault on test server explanation

The past three years, we have had gray silhouettes on players and zombies that are a certain distance away, yes?

I posted a video of how that has now changed after the recent update on test.

What is the issue on test then? and what is the difference between current live silhouettes, and the ones on test?

I tried to explain this but some of the real dumb people on this reddit just don't seem to understand it, so I will try again.

The old thing we have had is that zombies and players both have gray silhouettes, this has been the same for 2-3 years now. That is OK, we have gotten used to it.

The new thing we have now, is that some zombies / players will have gray silhouettes, while some of them will have very dark black ones that you can see even easier, and this applies to you as a player too, if you are unlucky.

How visible you are to your enemy should not depend on the random RNG factor of the game handing you a gray silhouette or a black one. It should always be gray, or always be black, not two different sorts of silhouettes.

I hope this explains it.

If you still cannot understand then perhaps go back to school, or blame it on me for being from Norway and not being able to use the right words in order for you to understand, if the latter is the case then I apologize.

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