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Hello everyone. Today I decided to release Smitemon v0.4A. Now, since this is alpha, and the game is pretty much unfinished and has only like few truly playable minutes (can be infinite if you like it so you play over and over the same thing) and tons of bugs, I decided to make access to it limited.

When you recieve the link please confirm that you got it and provide feedback as you play. Thank you all for your help!

How it will work:

  • For every version of Smitemon I release, there will be 50 downloads that 50 fastest people can get and enter for download. Downloads from this patch are avialable HERE.

Screenshots of new stuff:

  • Rewards center room and new player skeleton
  • New arena background, new Ra back sprite and “8-Bit” Ra skin


  • What is Smitemon?

Smitemon is free to play, Pokemon like game with Smite design and features.

  • In what version is Smitemon currently?

Smitemon is currently in v0.4A, A standing for ALPHA. In ALPHA, there is a bunch of placeholders, and stuff is upgraded with each patch

  • If I get a link for this version, can I download next update too?

Yes, when you get a link, your username is stored into Smitemon database and you will automatically recieve new versions, with the option of canceling, of course

  • Will there be rewards for Alpha players?

Yes, with this patch there has been released “8-Bit” Ra skin which you can claim in Rewards center while the game is in alpha.

  • When will updates release?

I will try to release updates each week, but that is subject to change.

  • Will there be purchasable content for real money in game?

No! Not yet, atleast. As long as I lead this project, and my word is final, I will not put any content that requires real money transactions to be owned.

  • Will there be LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE skins?

Yes, for example, “8-Bit” Ra is limited which is given away by red square with L in it

  • Why are there only question marks in the God select screen?

Well, not all of them. 59th is Ra. But the thing is, those question marks act as a placeholders until the God for that tile isn’t released.

  • Will there be only Smite Gods, or some other gods too?

I don’t know. 😉

  • Will you be able to play multiplayer ever?

That is really hard because the whole game is dependent on RPG Maker, I would have to investigate physical properties and check.

  • Will you be able to customise your enemies in matches?

Yes, but that is due to later versions.

  • Where can I check all current bugs in the game and update notes?

There is a CHANGELOG document in the game’s folder, check it out!

  • In which program this game was built?

I used RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. For files I used Smite’s so I own nothing in the project except few things. All credit goes to them.

  • Can I record playing the game?

Yes, but please read THIS first.

  • I want to record it but I don’t have a key.

I will give you one, no problem.

  • I have an error.

Please PM it to me here on reddit.

  • I would like to help with the project somehow, can I sign up somewhere?

Yes! You can sign up HERE. There are tons of positions you may find yourself valuable in. Please note that this is completely volontarely and I can’t pay you anything.

  • I would like to donate and support the project.

That is nice of you but we don’t accept donations yet. You will be able to donate when the game enters beta so you can know for sure that it won’t fail and that you actually can donate to something good.

  • I played one version of the game, but didn’t recieve an update.

It is always possible that your name got messed up when my bot copied it. Try signing up again.

  • Isn’t HiRez able to take this down?

Well, yes they can, I am using their resources. The question is, why would they? I have no monetary gain from this and I could potentialy bring them new people.

  • I am unable to unpack this rar file.

I use WinRar to pack it so you can try to unpack it with it.

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