Sieges in MMO require “time-windows”. About game dynamics (PvP)

Even in very hardcore PvP games like the past Shadowbane or the Darkfall iterations, sieges start a time-window that allows the defending clan/guild to mobilize and actually play PvP. Raiding to do some asset destruction or theft is possible, but limited.

This is essential to allow the clan versus clan wars that the game is pretty much designed to create (even if PvE servers exists as such).

Current gameplay …

  • base destruction and avatars often occur when the other clan is absent ; it's just the natural thing to do and it's not always on purpose (you know, real-life ).
  • the clan I play with has seen almost no PvP on two PvP servers since Early Access started: the rare cases of PvP lasted barely 3 swings (no joke).
  • groups across the map are mostly busy building their bases and harvesting ;
  • the official PvP server we used (223), which had between 36 and 42 players, has fallen to a flat zero players, sometimes 4 during the evening.

I suggest the Avatars, which are massive onslaughts akin to a siege, need a very different game dynamic, either the equivalent of a "siege-time-window" or the other clan is warned that in 24 hours an Avatar will fall upon their camp.

In general, in MMOs, the toughest part is creating game dynamics that keep players into it (i.e. relation between guilds, between players, group goals, long-term goals aka end-game, etc). Here, something isn't working. I could conclude it's just that the guild I play with isn't motivated enough, but I have not seen other PvP guilds manage to create the gameplay on both servers we played since Early Access started.


This topic is not about PvE servers. I cannot comment or speak about those as I have not tried any PvE servers.

If you respond that it is more hardcore to defend 24/7 and we just need to better organize as a clan, that view just does not fit reality of life and is just not a valid dynamic for an MMO composed not only of many countries, but also of adults/parents, etc.

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