Siege weapons not Avatars should be base destroyers:

Let me start off by saying that I really love this game and the potential it has. I have played a lot of rust in the past (since legacy), and I do not like the path that Rust went. With that being said, the thing that really bothers me about this game right now is the whole gods/avatars system implemented in this game. What should be the destroyer of bases is siege weapons.

We should have Ballista's, catapults, Trebuchets, battering rams for doors, siege towers for getting into those in the sky bases, and explosives.

Also, no weapons or tools should be able to break down anyone's base including T1. The only thing that should be able to take down walls, doors ect.. should be siege weapons and explosives.

Of course, these siege weapons will need to be expensive and the ammo they use expensive as well. It should always cost more in materials to destroy a wall than it takes to craft a wall.

This game revives my hope in a survival/building game, but the Avatars seem like a forced placement into the game. I personally feel like they should just be disabled, unless the devs can figure out a balanced way to implement them, and if they are implemented, they should be only for defensive purposes only and not be able to break down bases.

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