[Side quest spoiler] I know it’s been said before, but it’s the little things that make this game truly great.

That statement could be applied to a lot of things, but the thing that just solidified it for me was the end of the Redmaw quest. I know I'm behind a bit, but I've actually been avoiding spoilers for this game, so I didn't read the journal entry ahead of time when it was posted here.

Having gone through the Hunting Lodge series of quests and getting really fed up with Ahsis' superiority bullcrap, I find it supremely satisfying that the "Record of Redmaw 2" glyph makes sure to specifically call out that he shit himself in death. Which isn't surprising to anyone who knows that's a thing. I just love that in the time it took Aloy to get back to the Lodge, Talanah was able to solidify herself as Sunhawk, build a monument to the fallen Hawks in the Sun-Ring, lead the Lodge in an overdue memorial prayer, and sit down to tell the historian the whole story while making sure to note that Ahsis did in fact crap himself. Call me immature, but I think whoever at Guerilla wrote that line is a genius to think that up.

Edit: Just finished the "Hammer and Steel" errand. Holy crap, everything Jorgriz and Beladga say at the end is an Oseram sexual innuendo. Thank goodness somebody at Guerilla knows how to appeal to the humor of my inner 12-year-old.

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