Shout-out to all the good server admins out there!

I keep seeing posts in this sub warning people to stay away from X server because of bad admins. Its great that people want to warn others, but the issue is that I have yet to see one with ANY form of proof (screenshots, videos, chat logs etc).

So we're forced to either accept the words of a disgruntled player at face value – who may or may not have just been banned for cheating and is just making stuff up – or to ignore it and take the the risk of playing on that server anyway.

What would be much more helpful is for more people to post threads praising the GOOD admins out there and promote the servers they run, so people can join the good ones rather than try avoid the bad ones.

A similar problem arises, of course, if people lie for advertising purposes, but right now I just feel a lot of this sub is people posting 'wanted' notices all over the place and giving privately hosted servers a bad name in general.

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