Shotguns in PvP were never a problem, Matador 64 and his brothers were the problem.

It has been 2 weeks since the recent changes to the pvp meta and we are enjoying more primary focused gameplay, but despite promises from Bungie not to bury shotguns that is exactly what has happened.

Shotguns by themselves were not a problem in pvp. Prior to the hotfix shotguns were the worse that they had ever been in PvP, and Bungie promised us that they were looking at ways to keep shotguns strong.

Shotguns received 4 separate nerfs before receiving the special ammo nerf.

Nerf 1: reduce aim assist to 0 on hip fired shots. IMO this is a good nerf. This requires shotgunners to have a bit more skill when sliding in at point blank range

Nerf 2: Reduce Rangefinder to provide 25% more time to ADS, but even with this nerf bugged and Rangefinder giving 25% less, shotguns are still useless.

Nerf 3: No more precision damage from shotguns. This essentially reduces the range of shotguns, but at the same time making them more consistant as your damage stays the same as long as you are able to hit center-mass

Nerf 4: Further reducing in air accuracy of shotguns. This sole nerf is the straw that finally killed shotguns especially Chaperone. Guns need to go where you aim them, because if they do not then they are not competitive, and leave a very bad taste in the mouth of the user which makes them put that gun in their vault. The community shouted this point until we were finally heard when it came to HCs. No one in this game wants to lose a gunfight because their shot that they perfected aimed at someone didn't go where it was supposed to go, because of RNG cone. This essentially buries the Chaperone into the ground due to the fact you need to get headshots at any range to get a OHKO.

Special ammo with Fusion rifles and shotguns. The ultimate sacrifices of the new meta has become any shotgun that isn't a matador/party crasher/last ditch and all fusion rifles in the game. All of these weapons which were balanced pretty well for the unlimited special we had got completely buried. Fusion Rifles can't even muster enough kills to equal 1% of the trials kills in any week.

Unfortunately most of these weapons were balanced with the fact they would always have special ammo, but since the landscape of pvp has changed there are no place for them. If the meta of losing all your special is going to stay then these power weapons need a significant buff.

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