Shot Calling in PUBG and why it’s crucial to Duos/Squads

A Guide to Calling Shots in PUBG Squads

Link to my video tutorial on this topic –

All of us have played in a random squad of 4 where the comms in it between teammates are so bad you might as well just be playing solo right? One of the most advantageous things you can do to better your Duo/Squad experience is to learn to Shot Call properly.

There's several key things that go into calling shots:

  1. Leadership – If you're playing with randoms in a discord etc…establish yourself as the leader early. Directly say that you're going to call shots to help organization so there's less confusion. Let them know their input on decision making is valued but keep it to a minimum unless there's imminent danger to the team. Have a tone of certainty in your voice so people will at least think that you know what you're doing and less likely to nit pick every decision you make.

  2. Give Clear/Concise Instructions – Clear instructions are KEY, instead of saying "somebody cover our right flank to watch that hill" Specifically name a player and say "Player A, move out to the tree about 30 meters to our right flank and watch X hilltop for enemies." People in games will typically respond in a much more positive and beneficial way when you give people tasks that they can accomplish and feel like they're contributing something specific to the team.

  3. Tactical Awareness – This is something that will develop with time/experience in the game – right now squads play very differently than in solo/duo, so the threat levels of doing different actions increase dramatically because you know 4 sets of eyes are looking for you rather than just 1-2. You need to be able to quickly assess any situation, whether it's moving from point A to B, or how to ambush an enemy, and figure out how to go doing said action.

  4. Decision Making – This goes hand in hand with tactical awareness, but this involves quickly analyzing the situation your group is in and making the decision that is most beneficial for your team's survival at the time. Many situations there will be no great decisions, but there is always going to a be a lesser of two evils scenario you're forced to take. Many team leaders put themselves and squads into needlessly reckless situations without taking all factors into play; e.g. when you're choosing to engage another enemy team, many people fail to take into consideration how many other teams are around them, and how exposed they are to ambush from all directions before firing their first shot at a team. Sometimes choosing to kill another squad will all but guarantee your squad is put in a bad situation.

  5. Controlling Teammate's Communications – Enforce communication discipline among your team. If you're about to take contact or in those last couple circles, just call out "battle comms" and state that the only chatter over the radio should be in game related. You don't need to know your buddy just picked up a red striped shirt with 15 people left. Encourage people to be as specific as possible with their call outs, tell them to call out direction and distance, and even place a map marker if they feel they can do it accurately.

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