Setting the record straight: Converting tokens to Bnet balance will save you gold/money when buying game time if you plan to play for months!

Game Time and Subscriptions are completely separate things, people.

Subscriptions are reoccurring and require a bill, so you cannot use money to purchase them. Game Time, however, is something completely different. This is what many people use money cards to purchase.

Open "Shop" via your launcher or from the website.

You will see a list of the available games with icons on the left side, below that you will see a text list. You want to select "Game Services".

On the next page select "Game Time".

That will bring you to this page

All of the options on this page are purchasable with funds.

Purchasing a 90 day Game Time card will leave you with $3.03 in your bnet balance. (Requires 3 Tokens)

Purchasing a 180 day Game Time card will leave you with $12.06 in your bnet balance. (Requires 6 Tokens)

If you want to sub for an entire year, purchasing two 180 day Game Time with cash will save you $24.12. (Requires 11 Tokens, so $15 of the $24 can stay in gold value)

There are ways you can do this to go for the lowest balance remaining, but I chose the method to give me the most money left over for pets/mounts/card packs/loot crates/future expansions.

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