ServerThrall – Plugin based Conan Exiles server manager

Announcing the newest version of my conan exiles dedicated server manager. ServerThrall is a plugin based dedicated server manager written in python. I built this to prepare for Linux servers, and it's extensible via plugins. There are currently 4 plugins packaged into the current release.


  • AutoUpdater – Auto update your server
  • CrashRecovery – Start the server if it's down or crashed
  • RaidManager – Turn ON / OFF raiding during specified hours (like 5pm – 9pm)
  • Automatically install and setup your conan server
  • Attach to already running server and be configured to

Coming Soon

  • ModUpdater – Install and auto update your server mods
  • Discord support – Plugins can send messages to discord


  • Q. Can I use this on a pre hosted solution like survivalservers or bluefangsolutions?
  • A. No, sorry. Maybe when the devs add rcon support.
  • Q. Do I have to wipe my server to use this?
  • A. No, you can configure it to point at an already installed server directory just run it once to generate the configuration then modify it

Example Config (refer to github)

Example Logs

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