Server Variables and Quality of Life Wishlist

I've had a server running nonstop (except for patches) since day 2, and here are some of the things I would like to see configurable or improvements to what is already configurable:

First of all, a "multiplier" is not very helpful. It requires much testing to determine how each one functions. If I set a value to 5x, that's nice but I don't know what the baseline is. For example, default night lasts about 5 minutes and day about 30 minutes, but their default multiplier is 1.0. So if I wanted day and night to be equivalent lengths, it'd take major trial and error. Just let us set a human-readable unit like minutes, please!

NPCRespawnMultiplier – currently catch-all, desire variables for each family of NPC

ItemSpoilRateScale – currently catch-all, desire variables for each spoil-able item (chiefly, FOOD!). I want to be able to change food without changing, say, torches.

ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier – does not seem to work, or affects only certain resources? Desire variables for each resource (trees, plants, rocks, and so on)

It would also be nice to have a built in -update switch to the server executable, instead of running a separate steamcmd batch job.

It would be nice if the server executable was self-aware of available updates if the user opts in (maybe a colored text in the log every minute or so?)

On that note, it would be nice if the log complained a bit less, or could be configured to complain a bit less. As it is, it's filled with spam about actors failing to spawn, physics errors, scripts called/failing to call.

If the server executable functioned a bit like Quake's, where server variables can be edited live by inputing the command and value, chat can be sent to players, and shutdown commands etc. can be issued.

Speaking of shutdown, while Ctrl-C makes sense to old farts like me, it's not exactly documented that this is how you shut down the server. People who are doing this for the first time need a nice button or command, imo.

Scheduled shutdown – would be nice if I could e.g. schedule a shutdown to happen in 30 minutes, with chat warnings to logged-in players every few minutes.

All I can think of for now, thanks for the hard work on Exiles!

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