Server roll-ups: a big fuck you to us

Hi guys, I'm an OCE player and have played 7 matches of Smite today, which is around the average amount of games I have time to play on a weekday. 7 of my 7 matches, that is 100% of my matches, as in all of my matches, have rolled me over to the NA servers despite my region of preference being Australia, where I live.

In all 7 matches my ping has remained a consistent 278 and I have been disconnected early game 3 times in 3 seperate matches, and also late game in 1 of those matches. My usual ping on the Australia servers being 48.

2 of my 7 matches had queue times of less than 5 seconds.The remaining queue times were longer but inconsistent.

I would like an answer as to why I am being rolled up into a NA match without permission after having only been in queue for 5 seconds. Surely this is not enough time for the game to make an assumption that I won't find a game on the OCE server and move me to the NA one, which is what we have been told the roll-up is trying to do.

I would like an answer as to why, not once today, I have been put into a match on the OCE server – the server I am closest to and the only server I can play on. Why does your new system feel the need to throw me onto a NA server at a time of day where I know from years of player experience I am bound to find a game in around 10 minutes. I am not unfamiliar with Australia's long queue times, they don't bother me one bit, as I know in the end I will eventually be placed in a match where I can play without any connection problems. Today, my familiarity with Smite has been changed and tainted.

This is no longer a game I want to play, because I cannot play it as well as I used to when trying to connect to the other side of the world. This is no longer a game I want to spend money on, because I am now uncertain as to whether your OCE server still exists. For all I know the server roll-ups serve as a way to transition the playerbase back to the NA server, as this is the only server all my matches have been in.

Lastly, I would also like Hi-Rez to respond with a simple yes or no as to whether or not a toggle option will be implemented in the future, which would change this feature from the restrictive region lock-out it currently is to an optional feature – though I'm sure it would still benefit no one.

Don't be a cunt Hi-Rez, you've made mistakes before and we all know you can either handle them well or very, very poorly.

Fix this shit.

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