Server Issues – Where do I stand?

Hey guys,

I, along with a friend of mine, currently administrate a private 30 slot server that we rent from Multiplay.

For the first few days, it ran like a dream. People were flocking to our server and writing in chat 'OMG a lag free server! Finally found one!' and before we knew it we were 30/30 every night of the week from 4pm onwards.

However, we've recently began dropping player after player, all citing the following reason: This server is just unplayable.

And they're right.

Constant lag, minor DC (10 seconds or less) every 5 minutes regardless of player count, full DCs (server restart required) every half hour and the occasional total server downs for up to 6 hours at a time.

Contacted Multiplay and they basically told me to f*ck off:

"This is not something we can fix as it is not our game, nor our software to maintain."

Where do I, as a paying customer of Multiplay, actually stand? We're paying for a service that simply doesnt work.

EDIT: Here is a snippet of today's server event logs

15:20:59 Server had issues (is using too much memory for 4 players ) (Restarted 1 time(s))

14:55:59 Server is using too much memory for 4 players (restarting)

14:30:57 Crashed auto restarting in 10s (exit: 3, signal: 0, err: )

14:04:43 Server unavailable (restart already in progress)

13:11:59 Server is using too much memory for 5 players(restarting)

13:10:59 Server had issues (is using too much memory for 5 playersfor 1380 seconds (Restarted 0 time(s))

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