Server Admin – Things id like to see / couple bugs

Hey, thought i'd do a little list of the things i'd like to see in the server admin tools. Some of this might already be possible with commands, but i do find the commands hard to find / use as they arent the best documented (i know early access this isn't a complaint). So if anyone knows any commands that fit for the below, drop a comment.

  1. (if not already fixed) Can we make the player list scrolling please
  2. Ability to teleport to a player via command "TeleportPlayer Piercy08" or similar
  3. Ability to teleport to a player via the admin window (button next to mute / ban) – This could be a coords teleport if the above named version hasnt been done yet
  4. Ability to teleport a player to me (or to other players), sometimes people get stuck, i'd like to be able to help them out but teleporting them to me or a clan mate "Teleport StuckPerson1234 Piercy08"
  5. Ability to destroy structures regardless of ownership and regardless of the "player can damage stuff" setting. I'd like this as an option under the admin panel, like inivisbility is. i'd like to still play the game, but toggling on to help players out would be nice.
  6. Have on screen icons (or just text) for all of the affects, Invisibility, Demigod, Fly, etc
  7. Ghost doesnt seem to work when in water (wont let you out of the water)
  8. Ghost sometimes doesnt give you the fly ability, so you just fall through the world.
  9. Ability to clear your own inventory (not drop). Sometimes, i spawn stuff in to help out a specific scenario, i want to get rid of this stuff so i can go back to playing normally, dropping it means another player could collect it.
  10. Ability to see who placed a structure, currently it only seems to show on doors / containers / benches. Would be nice if i could see which person is placing foundations everywhere.
  11. Server announcements, something where i could display an important message to the players. Preferably possible from the console (or rcon ?? <3). I'm often at work but being able to notify players about a restart for a patch or something would be lovely.

Thanks funcom!

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