(Serious) Opinions on the game

Yes I know it's a beta but the game has been shipped out and very little will change form now until release.

People are enjoying it but I don't see where.

I'm also trying to objectively look at the game not just shit on it.

My opinions:

The Stealth is bad in comparison to other games that have stealth as well in fact it looks like it was directly taken from the division. For a game that says you can stealth missions I'd expect a better stealth system.

The open world and vehicle controls: both fall short for me. The vehicles seems odd like weightless. Basically watchdogs vehicles which I think were poor. This connects to the open world since you have to use vehicles fairly often to get form point A to point B. The world outside of doing missions seems bland and boring. There's some enemies here and there but the world seems dead. Yes I know it's a beta and we only got one zone but if the other zones are the same with maybe more armored guys or more snipers it's still kinda boring. GTA comes to mind. There's so much fun to do in GTA online with friends but Wildlands is dull.

I did like the weapon system. The gun mods felt cool the exotics seemed pointless. The character controls were nice like division but with soft cover instead of what the division had which I would've preferred.

I really want Wildlands to be good. I want it to exceed expectations but so far from everything I've seen so far it falls short. Without saying "well I had fun" explain where and how. I played it with friends and a lot of us were disappointed.

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